About the symposium

Welcome to the symposium Trends in Organic Chemistry 2023 – Chemical Biology in Umeå the 24th of August.

The symposium will be held in the Carl Kempe Lecture Hall at KBC building, Umeå University.

This symposium is one in a series of annual meetings called “Trends in organic chemistry” (TOC). The organization of a one-day TOC-symposium by Umeå University and the Swedish Chemical Society, with the theme “Chemical Biology” would not only serve as a starting point for scientists who seek to explore the power of chemical biology in their research but also present opportunities for establishing new research collaborations and exchanging research experiences at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. Since the symposium is arranged in cooperation with industrial partners and research institutes, it offers a unique venue for academic researchers and industrial partners and will fertilize new interdisciplinary collaborations between independent research disciplines.