Place: Carl Kempe Lecture Hall, Chemical Biology Center (KBC-building), Umeå Universitet

09.00–10.00 Registration, coffee and poster session

10.00–10.10 Opening of the symposium

10.10–11.00 Prof. Stephen Kent: Bringing the Science of Proteins into the Realm of Organic Chemistry

11.00–11.50 Prof. Alison Hulme: Good vibrations!

11.50–13.00 Lunch, poster session and exhibition

13.00–13.50 Prof. Christian Hackenberger: Next-generation bioconjugates for intra- and extracellular targeting

13.50–14.40 Prof. Jennifer Kohler: Role of host fucose in cholera intoxication

14.40–15.10 Coffee, poster session and exhibition

15.10–16.00 Prof. Thomas Carell: The prebiotic origin of the RNA nucleosides and translation

16.00–16.50 Prof. Mikhail Savitski: Biophysical proteomics

16.50–17.00 Closing remarks

17.30– Dinner

Scientific Abstracts – TOC2023